What is Trade Assurance

A comprehensive purchase protection program that covers your orders made on Alibaba.com.

Safe & easy payments

What is Payment Terms: 30/60 Days

A deferred payments service that helps you buy on credit of up to US $50,000 with an extra 30 or 60 days after dispatch to pay your order balance.

How to apply for Payment Terms

Step-by-step guide to applying for Payment Terms and enjoying flexible B2B payments.

How to find & order eligible products for Payment Terms

Step-by-step guide to identifying eligible products that support Payment Terms.

Money-back policy

Refund policy explained

Learn how to get your money back when you encounter order issues.

What is Easy Return

Easy Return helps you return eligible orders locally for free and claim a full refund.

How Easy Return works

Learn how to return products and request a refund using the Easy Return service.