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Trade Assurance

Protect Your Alibaba.com Orders

Trade Assurance protects online orders when payment is made through Alibaba.com.
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Have Greater Peace of Mind

In the event that either Product Quality or Shipment Date varies from what you and the supplier had agreed to in the Trade Assurance online order, we will offer you assistance in reaching a satisfactory outcome, including getting your money back
Product Quality
On-Time Shipment
Pro Tip: The Trade Assurance online order is where you and your supplier define product quality and specify shipment date. Please review it carefully, so we can better protect you.
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Purchase with Convenience, Security, and Extended Support

Convenient Options

Multiple payment methods are supported, including Pay Later, a financing option for qualified U.S. buyers, so you have the flexibility in choosing how to pay.
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Payment Security

Employing latest technology, we secure your payment to make sure it gets to the supplier safely, and we developed Transaction Center to help you track and reconcile the funds flow.

Extended Support

30 days after delivery, if you are not satisfied with the product quality, you may request a refund. We will help you investigate, mediate, and resolve your claim, plus reimburse you when appropriate. Your online order and communication records are the basis of refund resolution.
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How To Get Protection


Place an online order with Trade Assurance Suppliers

Look for and only work with Trade Assurance suppliers. You can easily find them by looking for the Trade Assurance symbol .

Pay through Alibaba.com's secure payment platform

Make sure you pay online via Alibaba.com's secure payment platform.

Keep in mind: The basis of protection is the Alibaba.com online order. It is only enforced when you pay online via Alibaba.com.

If there’s an issue with your order, request a refund within 30 days of product delivery.

Pro Tip: We are here to support you during the production process and up to 30 days after products are delivered. Upon product delivery, please do inspect product quality right away to ensure satisfaction.
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Buyer Success Stories

Metta World Peace

Company: The Panda's Friend

Industry: Apparel

Country: The U.S.

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Q: Is Trade Assurance order protection free?
Trade Assurance is a built-in protection service that covers orders placed on and paid for through our website. Trade Assurance protects the buyer in the event that the supplier fails to ship on time or the product quality varies from what has been agreed upon. While Alibaba.com charges transaction fees on certain payment methods to offset our operational expense in payment processing, we do not charge any additional fees for Trade Assurance. You may learn more about our fees schedule here.
Q: Can I pay via PayPal and still get Trade Assurance protection?
No, if you pay via PayPal or make payments to the supplier directly, your order is not covered by Trade Assurance, which offers protection for on-time shipment and product quality. Only orders placed on and paid for through our site are covered by Trade Assurance.
Q: How do I request a refund?
If supplier fails to ship on time or the product quality varies from what has been agreed upon, you may apply for refund on Alibaba.com within 30 days of delivery. We will investigate, mediate, and resolve your claim with an aim to achieving a satisfactory outcome, including refunding the purchase if necessary.
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